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“Very Professional Job and Fast Turn Around!”

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how impressed I am with the refinishing work that you have performed for so many of my customers. Without exception, every client has commented most favorably about your Gun-Kote process. As I see it, the explanation is simple. You are the exception to the rule in this industry. You take personal pride and responsibility for each job that you complete, and I have sent you some very challenging tasks, such as that abused and rusted Lefever double barrel shotgun that had languished in the harsh coastal climates of Alaska. Whether it has been a top of the line 1911 or a plain Jane economy Mossberg, you have approached each firearm with the same attention to detail, careful disassembly, precise preparation of all surfaces and the most uniform and pleasing final finish applications that I have seen from any provider in all my years in this business. Most critically, you don’t ruin a good refinishing job with sloppy reassembly procedures. Unlike most refinishers, you understand the value of a properly fitted screwdriver bit and the correct handling of non-marring punches and drifts. I have yet to catch you on the slightest oversight of the finished job cosmetic disciplines, right down to the cleaned and oiled interior and exterior surfaces. You take pride in your work and it shows. If I were to sum up your capacities in one word, it would be CRAFTSMANSHIP. Very few have it, most don’t. You do! B. Jackson, Gunsmith Summit Arms Services, LLC

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