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“I’ll be back.”

I would like to take this time to thank you bigtime on a job perfectly well done. I asked you to do a Bobtail, Snakeskin my front strap & to refinish my 1911. Parkerizing it and then GunKoting it. Plus I asked for something to be done out of the ordinary and you executed the odd task perfectly like it was an everyday chore…to Bobtail my LaserGrips. No one I called was comfortable with the idea. I had it done once before elsewhere & you beat thier job hands down BIGTIME. Not only do the LaserGrips look great, the job on the whole looks EXCELLENT. The bobtail conversion kicks ass a thousand ways. I asked you for a nice rounded Bobtail,you gave it to me just that way. Looks like an Ed Brown now or a Dan Wesson. Plus the SnakeSkin frontstrap is better than the other jobs I have had done(so does the bobtail) and the other Smiths were no beginners either,they were seasoned pros. You beat them, woah man. The finish is even & well packed on, nice and thick just like how I asked you for it. It was like this,I am a PICKY 1911 customer, I walk into a 1911 restaurant ready to order up my 1911 to be cooked up real nice exactly the way I want it and you as the waiter,chef, and manager saw it through to deliver the best 1911 I ever had. To sum it all in three words. I’ll be back. Thanks again!

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