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“Attention to detail and then some.”

As one who practices personal security 24/7, I have formed a close bond with all my defense firearms. I am by design quite reluctant to surrender any one of them for someone to tinker with. David Nielson of South Ridge Arms and Refinishing has proven to be a professional in his own right who understands this relationship and it shows in the application of his craft.

I commissioned David to apply KG Gun Kote to my close-protection firearm and remain pleased of the decision to do so. From initial contact to follow-up after return shipment, his attention to finite detail and superb customer service has been second to none.

David has earned my respect as someone I can entrust with the care of my most coveted firearms. I harbor no reluctance to seek his services again, nor would I hesitate to recommend them to my extensive list of professional clients.

Kent R. Jones Executive Director for Operations Defensive Countermeasures Institute, LLC

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